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This is MeikoVet

The market for veterinary medicine is changing. We want to play an active role in shaping this change. Our aim is to be able to combine the personal and geographical proximity of the local veterinarian with the medical competence and professionalism of a larger clinic. For this reason, we operate modern equipped group practices in your area.

Our philosophy

Our excellently trained veterinarians cover the basic medical care and certain additional disciplines themselves on site. Our direct connection to major clinics ensures that they can draw on the expert knowledge of some of the best specialists in Switzerland, at no additional cost to you, the customer!

In addition, we can also offer complex operations at our practices through specialized affiliated physicians, especially in the field of orthopedic surgery! For other, more advanced treatments (MRI, etc.), we will gladly refer you to specialists we trust. Our claim is to be able to offer you “the best of both worlds”, always for the welfare of the animals!

At the beginning of every treatment is your animal and its need. It is important to us to discuss all treatments, including the possible implications and costs, with you in detail beforehand. Our doctors are completely free to choose the type and scope of treatment and are only committed to animal welfare – unfortunately not a matter of course. Together with you, we decide what makes the most sense in the individual case.

The health of your pet and the satisfaction of you as an owner is our highest goal, and we measure ourselves by it every day! For this reason, MeikoVet, unlike the other veterinary chains, is a fully Swiss-controlled company, owned by its employees and a few Swiss entrepreneurial families who think long-term.

Get to know our whole team

Our employees are our most important asset. They are the ones who provide top performance for our patients and their owners every day! We are accordingly proud that we can count on a team that is not only excellently trained medically, but also knows how to inspire with its human nature.